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챔피언스 리그 프로모션에서 최대 $30000를 받으세요

1xBet는챔피언스리그플레이오프에대한새로운프로모션을시작합니다. 플레이어들은게임에 $1 이상의정확한베팅만하면되고, 이를위해보너스포인트를받게됩니다. 점수가높을수록, 상금을받을확률이높아집니다: 주요 3개 - $30,000, $20,000 그리고 $10,000입니다.

Win $30,000 in the new Champions League promotion from 1xBet!

The Champions League returns for fans after the winter break! We’re all waiting for the exciting playoff matches between the best teams on the continent who are all focused only on winning. Especially for the playoffs, 1xBet has prepared an incredible promotion with spectacular prizes.

When the promotion ends, on May 29, 2021, and all the results are tallied, the following prizes will be awarded:

1st place: USD 30,000

2nd place: USD 20,000

3rd place: USD 10,000

4th place: Apple iPad Pro 256 Gb 2020

5th place: Apple iPad Air 10.9 '' 256Gb 2020

6th place: Apple iPad 128Gb 2020

Other participants can also win thousands of reward points that can be used to bet on 1xBet. For a chance to win, simply:

1. Register / log onto the website or the 1xBet mobile application.

2. Make predictions for the Champions League playoffs on the promo page.

3. Confirm each forecast with a bet of $1 or more.

For each successful prediction, the player will be awarded points, the number of which will change depending on the stage of the UEFA Champions League playoffs. The main prize goes to the participant who has accumulated the most points as a result of the promotion. In the event that two or more participants collect an equal number of points and are both eligible for a prize, the participant who was the first to make the qualifying prediction will be awarded the prize.

Place bets on the matches of the best clubs in the world and win with them and 1xBet!



Subject: Place your bets on the new Champions League promotion from 1xBet

Preheder: Bet on the best football in the world

Headline: Win $30,000 from 1xBet!

It's time for the decisive matches in the Champions League. The best clubs of the continent are ready to show their mettle as the playoff stages begin. Fans are waiting for all the thrilling matches - and the excellent Champions League promotion that 1xBet is launching for its players!

Users just need to make predictions for the Champions League on the promo page and confirm them with bets of $1 or more. For each successful forecast, reward points are awarded, which are then calculated.

The main winner of the promotion will receive $30,000; other participants can win $20,000 and $10,000, as well as iPads and share in the spoils of hundreds of thousands of prize points.

Take part in the promotion and win with the best clubs in the world and 1xBet!

Push 1 (30+50)

Win $30,000 in the 1xBet promo

Place your bets on the Champions League playoffs!

Push 2 (50+70+15)

Join the 1xBet Champions League promo!

Bet on the best football teams in the world and win up to $30,000!

CTA: Win!


Subject: Win up to $30000 in the Champions League promotion

1xBet launches a new promotion for the Champions League playoffs. Players just need to make accurate bets of $1 or more on the games and they will receive bonus points for this. The more points, the higher their chances for prizes: the main three - $30,000, $20,000 and $10,000.

CTA: Join the game

Letter for partners

Topic: Make money on the Champions League with a fantastic 1xBet promotion!

For the return of the Champions League, 1xBet is running a special promotion where players can win cash prizes of $30,000, $20,000 and $10,000, as well as iPads plus hundreds of thousands of rewards points. This is too good to miss!

All players have to do is register or log into 1xBet and place bets of $1 or more, receiving prize points for accurate predictions.

Tell them about the promotion and make money on the most popular football tournament in the world!

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